Ready to quit procrastinating & get to the barn?

Live Free Training For Busy Equestrian Woman

The Horse Girl

Super Productivity


3 Simple Systems to get more stuff done in less time,
find balance & get to the barn doing what you love!

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This Masterclass is a Must Attend if...

You're struggling to get all the life "stuff" done so you have time to do what you love

You feel guilty if you spend time on yourself

You are exhausted trying to keep up

Meet your coach...

Hey! I'm Jenny

I am a full time horse girl, 2 Time World Champion, the creator of, creator of The Equestrian Planner & co-creator of,

... and you know what! I am just going to be bold and say it, (if you were waiting for someone to say it)...

I give you permission to take time for yourself, do what you love, and get to the barn!

Yep. There you go.

Being blessed with 6 horses,
3 businesses,
2 grown kids,
a dancing border collie,
a spoiled cat,
the farm,
a hundred-year-old farmhouse,
a pile of laundry,
a million dreams.
figuring out what the heck to have for lunch
& how to get the hay out of my hair so I don't look like a crazy person


I know what it's like to be busy.

I've discovered the combination of mindset, & productivity practices that help you imperfectly - perfectly get stuff done that matters.

This fresh masterclass is a combination of everything I have learned from a lifetime of horses and now riding as a 50 something horse girl.

If you are committed to making this your year of finally keeping the promises you made to yourself to get out there & accomplish your horse goals & still find balance in your life, I can't wait to slash your learning curve and get you to the barn doing what you love♥.

See you in the HorseGirl Masterclass.

Just Imagine…

  • getting everything done and still having the time to work with your horse
  • knowing exactly what it is you need to work on & when
  • having the ability to stay focused on what you want to accomplish
  • feeling confident & in control of your life
  • doing what you love to do, and living your life with passion

In this masterclass I will give you 3 Simple common sense, game changing systems to help you train your time to work with you to create & live the life you love!

PLUS The Most Important Tool For Your Success How to leverage the single most effective tool EVER for guaranteeing your success (If you miss this one, you are guaranteed to Never, Ever, and I mean never follow through with riding & doing what you LOVE!)