The Get Back In The Saddle Again

5 Days to Confidence
ReBoot Camp

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This FREE 5 part Re-Bootcamp👢 starts March 4th


In this completely FREE Training, we will cover...

Day 1: Becoming The Leader Your Horse Needs You To Be

Connected Leadership starts with relationship It inspires the horse to want to be with us Iby creating a safe place for the horse

What you get:

Leadership Lessons + 7 Tips To Improve Your Horsemanship in 5 minutes.

Printable: "Connected Leadership" Handout + "Get Back On The Horse" Assessment Checklist

Day 2: Build Mutual Trust & Self Control Through Through Connection/Relaxation Exercises

Too much leadership without connection = a horse that is obedient without relationship. Too much connection without leadership and the horse doesn’t feel safe enough to relax. Today we will use exercises following “The Cannon Method” to find that balance.

What you get:

Relaxation & Connection Lessons + Groundwork Fundamentals

Day 3: Teaching Your Horse Confidence Using Simple Obstacles

Create experiences that create trust and help your horse to spook-less. A new look at desensitization through play.

What you get:

Videos: Confidence Building Using Obstacles

Day 4: Putting it all together- The Ultimate Pre-Ride Preparation

A pre-ride ritual/checklist plan to go through every time before you work with or ride your horse, to ensure safe, joyful rides.

What you get:

Video Lesson + Printable Barn Checklist: "Your P.R.E.P.: Pre-Ride Equestrian Preparation"... know you have done all you can to be safely prepared to the best of your ability every time you work with your horse

DAY O5: Discover The Sensational 7 Fundamentals To Master On The Ground & Under Saddle

These 7 skills make up any maneuver you want to do with your horse, learn to optimize them to feel safe, confident & in control for amazing connected rides!

What you get:

Video Lessons + BONUS How To Canter With Confidence Lesson + Printable Master Your Fundamentals Checklist


Daily Email Training & Tutorials

Everyday we’ll pop-up in your inbox to give you a little lesson and gentle nudge to do your challenge homework from the night before plus give you some cool tips and tricks we’ve learned.

Daily Facebook™
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In addition to daily email training – you’ll also be invited to join in everyday Facebook™ for a quick checkin or to ask any questions!

Actionable Worksheets

We need a plan, not just a dream, this challenge is set up to help you take action.

This FREE 5 part Workshop starts Monday, August 21!

At the end of the challenge, you will have a renewed sense of confidence with a deeper connection with your horse.


Hi! I am Jenny Rohlen-Barker

And I give you permission to believe in yourself again.

That's right. I said it. If you have been waiting or wondering if you have what it takes or for some kind of sign now you have it.

You don't need the Wizard of Oz or Glinda the Good Witch to float down in her pink bubble and give you some magic from her wand.

Because you got this girl. Everything you need is in you. You just need the tools to pull it out.

"You've always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself."

See, I know about these things, I know how it feels to be rattled, distracted, anxious and sometimes even scared in my horse time. I have been unmotivated & feeling flat before.

It's discouraging! And deflating to feel bummed doing the thing that makes me happiest- working with my horse!

So I spent the last 30 (maybe 40?) years studying... learning from some of the best equestrians in the world & developing mental tools and exercises to help me feel safe, secure, confident, and most of all connected to my horses.

And you know what? Now when those feelings come I can do something about it and move forward. And so can you.

So if you're sick and tired of feeling even just a little bit of uncertainty in your horse time, or worse yet fear is robbing you of your joy, come join me for 5 powerful days of training and let's get you to your happy place.

What others have to say about past challenges...

"I did two of the exercises from the masterclass and I am completely amazed at how quickly Gemma is taking to this. After an hour of exercise training, I walked her through part of my road that terrifies her. I assured her with the relax cue and tapped her and she dropped her head, chewed, and walked peacefully right through all of the drama that occurs there. I am completely mind blown and elated at the same time! Mind you, this is a horse that normally blows up and I can't get her to come back. Just one week and I feel like I have a new horse. Thank you so much !! I cannot even describe how I'm feeling." H. Queen

Don't miss this opportunity to build your confidence, reconnect with your horse in deeper ways & have a blast doing it with a community of like-minded horse women!

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  • Access to the 5-Day "Get Back In The Saddle Again Private Facebook Group for the duration of the challenge.
  • 5-Day "GBITS" Challenge Workbook to help you complete your assignments and more easily apply what you are learning to your own life.
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