Create your dream partnership

with your horse ...

whether you show at the highest levels, ride or do liberty at home or follow the trails,

you CAN find the confidence to train your own horse

following the "Extraordinary Horsemanship" Roadmap!

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"Just one week and I feel like I have a new horse.

I cannot even describe how I'm feeling."

-H. Queen-

Raise your hand if...

(don't be shy! I've had mine up plenty of times!)

You've gotten hurt and now you feel afraid, and worse you can't seem to get past it

You've tried several different horsemanship methods and nothing feels right to you and you are so worried your horse will get hurt

You have big show goals, and you want to be competitive, but not at the expense of your relationship with your horse

Above all else, you want to create connection & mutual trust as you work with your horse but sometimes you aren't sure where to start

"... It’s more than just “horse training”. It’s about life training ... It has changed not only my relationship with my horse, but it has changed my business life and my personal life. "

-KathrynJane F.-

Just imagine...

"This program has been a blessing and a game-changer for me. I live in a little town in Mexico with not any help . I found support , inspiration , knowledge , everything . Now I am a more confident rider and my horses are happier too"

-Gloria Z.-

How would it feel to have a path
to follow that actually felt good to you

when you went out to work with your horse?

That built your confidence,

and helped both

you and your horse

to feel safe and heard...

Sound too good to be true?

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how!





Even though I have been riding all of my life,

had been a professional trainer and coach for many years, & am the co-creator of

I was always doubting myself.

Was I good enough?

I didn't feel comfortable or strong and agile enough at my age to do myself some of the things I had seen watching other trainers.

To be honest I was scared I would get hurt.

And worse, what if I hurt my horse?

I had to come up with the right skills & mental tools to be able to feel confident and have the ability to keep us both safe & grow our trust & relationship as we tried new things together.

It's not just one "method" or training style

but the combination 

of all I have learned on my journey

of over 40 years

that creates the perfect, safe path

for working with your own horse!

It is the "extra" you add to ordinary horsemanship

that creates an EXTRAORDINARY partnership

So, I gathered up my confidence & went to work.

And this time, I finally started to see the results

I'd been working for so long:

✅ I was blessed to win 2-World Champion Titles (in ways that put my horse FIRST)


✅ I gained the respect of my then mouthy 2 year old


✅ I was able to create a pre-ride checklist that is helping hundreds of women have safer rides


✅ With the added bonus to build my own confidence that has carried into all areas of my life

You will find that you will feel more & more bonded with your horse,

AND they will learn more in less time after just a few sessions

So how does it work exactly?

Our program at it's core is based on a simple formula...

(it sounds a little corny but it works)

To make it easy to remember we will count to 1,2,3

3 skill sets that blend together to build your confidence

& create a safe, willing, heart horse


Confident Horsemanship Skills

Learn to improve your horsemanship skills for optimal safety & to become the leader your horse needs

so he/she can look to you as the best place to feel safe


Relaxation & Connection

Discover how to show your horse how to relax so she/he can connect to you to create mutual trust,

so you can teach your horse to be in a state to learn & play, ready for focused training


Horse Training

Learn to teach the fundamentals every horse needs to know to keep you both safe while maintaining a partnership

so you will also have a firm foundation to build on for advanced maneuvers

Can this really work? You bet!

I told you I had won 2 World Titles after making the subtle shifts in my training...

But what I didn't tell you was how.

My gelding has a lot of hock issues, so I couldn't ride him much in the weeks coming into the show.

I had to follow the relaxation to connection to trust model based on The Cannon Method™ mixed with The Heart Equation™...even though he is a very trained horse.

It's a long story for this page but the proof is not only in the ribbons that it was a success...

Most importantly he was so happy.

It was truly a team effort!

These steps also worked like magic for reconnecting safely with my mare, Raven, as you can see in this quick video clip ...




I am so happy to introduce you to...

"Align" Extraordinary Horsemanship Insiders is an invitation to step up beside and stand with the horse in a relationship where

we can both BE MORE TOGETHER.

The Extraordinary Horsemanship System gives you a proven actionable horse training course of action that creates a willing, trusted, calm & connected partnership that keeps you safe, with a foundation that you can build on to do anything you can dream up with your horse for only $37

for a very limited time only $27 a month

You'll get instant access to:

  • Over 20+ hours of on-demand video training + Coach's suggested Success Path
  • Printable Horsemanship Arena Guides to take to the barn
  • 1 Live Coaching + Q & A Call every month
  • Full access to growing Weekly Horsemanship Lesson Library
  • New Workshop or 101 Course Monthly! Coming Up Next! Ranch Riding 101
  • Special Bonus: Despooktacular: The Basics of the Cannon Method
  • Access to the HG Riding Academy Insiders Private Facebook Group
  • Plus full access to the newly revamped personal development program "Equestrian On Purpose" to

This is like...

walking through the doors of your favorite training barn,

surrounded with like-minded women working together

to change the world for horses, one relationship at a time,

regardless of where you are starting,

from the non-rider to competing at the highest levels.

...while paying just a fraction of the cost

Here's what you get today when you join

"Align" Extraordinary Horsemanship™ Insiders...

Our Exclusive Signature Training

An all-in-one coaching & training program that provides a proven path for experiencing transformational personal growth through your horsemanship, as well as in-depth incredible, groundbreaking training for training your horse and connecting in ways you only dreamed possible.

Discover The Heart Equation &

The Equestrian Circle of Confidence Masterclass

An overview of the methodology that makes up our Extraordinary Horsemanship program... and how you can use it to create a safe, willing, connected heart horse, even if you have gotten hurt in the past or are just a beginner. You can do this!

Special Bonus Course:

Teach your horse to relax & connect with The Basics of The Cannon Method

A revolutionary approach to create a connected, balanced, magical bond with your horse...

Without force, without pressure, while optimizing peak performance at home or in the show ring taught by the phenomenal, Charlotte Cannon

Horse Training 101 Masterclass

Layer on your groundwork foundation to teach your horse manners & skills without breaking relationship, the fundamentals to most anything you want to do with your horse without force, chasing or shutting them down in this building training library

Build your training foundation with
The Groundwork Library

...using fundamental exercises to teach cues safely on the ground as you develop acceptance, work ethic, & the foundation skills for under saddle & liberty without forcing, chasing or shutting them down so that you can create true willingness as well as manners without breaking your bond & relationship

Equine Confidence Building Library

Teach your horse to spook-less with simple confidence building exercises

.... so that you can easily inspire confidence in your horse by creating experiences that build trust right in the comfort of your own farm.

Extraordinary Riding & Handling Skills Library

A curated mix of lessons & quick tips so you can take action to feel confident, connected & in control while riding & handling your horse as you practice & perfect your under saddle fundamentals.

4 Days to a Safer More Confident Horse using the Circle of Extraordinary Horsemanship

Build a willing, trusted partnership that will have you feeling more confident & safe to move forward in the training process both in & out of the saddle following this simple formula over 4 days following

“The Circle of Extraordinary Horsemanship Confidence”

And much more!

But wait!

Just in case you feel overwhelmed. Remember you aren't on the ride alone!

We will break all this down...

Monthly Group Zoom Coaching Sessions

A Virtual HorseGirl's Night Out! (held the 2nd or 3rd Thursday of each month)

Q & A session so you can ask questions, give feedback, share experiences

and talk all things horses meaning you will never feel alone on the journey

Weekly Jenny's Riding Lessons

Actionable bite-size lessons breaking down our Extraordinary Horsemanship Program

into easy steps, to improve our lives & build trust & extraordinary partnership.

An Ever Growing Training/Resource Library

Ongoing training built to give you continuous growth in your life & horsemanship

New Quarterly Workshops or 101 Courses!

Including Western Dressage, Showmanship
& Ranch Riding 101

Plus full FREE access to our newly revamped equestrian personal development program "Equestrian On Purpose" to be kicked off April 2024 !

Each month we will tackle a challenge in our equestrian life with actionable ideas
and resources to empower you to live your best life!

"I wish I would have known about Horse Girl and the Cannon Method

a long time ago. Thanks to Jenny and her crew.

They are caring and truly love what they do."

-Leslie C.-

The only horsemanship program for horsewomen that combines training & personal development with an extraordinary horsemanship program THAT PUTS THE HORSE FIRST to guide you in creating a trusted, willing, connected partnership with your horse with CONFIDENCE.

What makes this different...
It is not just a course... oh no!

Or a giant library of videos

I have been through too many of those that sat collecting cyber dust on my computer.
It is not just a class or some training lessons, it is a way of being
and it is a new way of doing
The entire EXTRAORDINARY HORSEMANSHIP Program is designed to get you into action

Tiny Action=Big Results

When you combine personal growth, goal accountability, support & connection-based horse training experience partnership at the deepest level
the more you experience it, the more you want to keep going.

Plus, Extraordinary Horsemanship is a program designed for equestrian women... by equestrian women...

if I can do this as a 57 year old woman, you can do this too.

Meet Your Horsemanship Coach..

I have been given the profoundly important job to help you believe in yourself. To find that girl inside you who believes anything is possible in her life & with her horse.

That you. Your horse. Your dreams. They are all essential to the world & they matter. You matter.

For whatever reason, God, the Universe whatever you like to say, has put in your heart this love of horses, maybe it is to help you, your family or the horse. Sometimes it's a mix of them all.

Standing in your pasture or barn, or boarding barn down the road is the most powerful tool for girls like us to bring out the best in ourselves. To live our best life.

You will do for that horse what you won't do for yourself. And you feel most alive when you are with them.

Listen to that voice. That draw to be you. It matters.

You might know me as the co-creator of The Horse Training Channel, or the creator of The Equestrian Planner, or You might have seen me out showing my ranch horse.

But, if this is our first time meeting, I am a horse girl just like you whose life revolves around horses & my family.

I have been incredibly blessed to partner with Charlotte Cannon in producing "The Cannon Method: Connection, Confidence & Relaxation" and she has graciously allowed us to share her message & lessons throughout our programs.

As she teaches us over and over, Everything Matters. Everything with the horse... from the slightest flick of the ear...means telling you something. As we learn to "hear' & see the little things, the bigger messages come.

Together, it is our highest goal, to change the world for horses & women, like you, that love them & to get you to the barn doing what you love.

With a step-by-step plan to help you believe in yourself (because if you don't believe you and what you are doing- your horse won't believe you either). To find greater joy & fun in your horsemanship that will spill into all areas of life.

And to share the message that it is past time to rethink traditional horse training giving your horse a voice & a choice to create a true, authentic partnership.

It’s not only the right thing to do…it’s the most fun you’ve ever had in your life. And it all starts with learning to trust yourself.

What others are saying about our programs...

"I was able to confidently sign up for beginner riding lessons today and am super excited! I also am on my way to work with my pony and have envisioned a perfect work session with her where I groom with intention and presence and then I am envisioning taking her into the arena and walking with her confidently."

-Kimberly J.-

"The Cannon Method is a game changer! It took my high flight jump at who knows what, to being my favorite horse to ride. We have a bond that was never there.... He is 26 this year... so if it works for a horse in his 20s imagine what you can do with one younger"

-Cindy H.-

"I bought my dream ranch in October 2019 and my mare threw me off in November. I lost what little confidence I had left. I've been feeding horses and helping my youngest learn to ride. March 1st, I started hand walking and running my mare around my property. At first, she didn't want to go, and then we started having fun running up the hills together. Today, I thought, we are both ready. I saddled her and told her I believed in her. At first, she didn't want to go, and then we had fun on those same hills. Thank you sisterhood!

-Mindy Dokken.-

Let's work together!

Choose 1 of 2 options below, and let's get started

Proven actionable horse training that builds your skills as you work with your on a proven pathway that you both become more TOGETHER!

  • Over 20+ hours of on-demand video training + Coach's suggested Success Path
  • Printable Horsemanship Arena Guides to take to the barn
  • 1 Live Coaching + Q & A Call every month
  • Full access to the growing Weekly Horsemanship Lesson Library
  • New Workshop or 101 Course Monthly!
    Including Ranch Riding 101
    Western Dressage 101
    "The Core 7 Fundamentals"
  • Special Bonus: Despooktacular: The Basics of the Cannon Method
  • Access to the HG Riding Academy Insiders Private Facebook Group
  • Plus full access to the Equestrian Growth Hub- "Horse Girl On Purpose"
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Do you have a big show goal &
you'd like some extra accountability?

Just starting out & you'd love extra guidance?

Maybe you have fear you need to work through?

Ready to go all in & commit to yourself & your horse?

I'd love to be your coach in our one-of-a-kind, 1 year coaching program!

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Dream & Ride Fearlessly

with Confidence, Connection & Control

In All Areas Of Your Horsemanship

"I did it! I stood at the door of my barn and did the 'power pose' I visualized my ride, I used my trigger words, and most importantly, I believed in myself and my horse! After several months of fear and lack of confidence, I rode my horse, Mia, this afternoon. It wasn't the best ride as I got a lot to improve on but I did it and she did great! My heart is happy and I'm looking forward to our next ride! Thank you to Jen, Lauren, and this great group. You helped me! 'Success is letting go of fear!"

-Sandra Owen-