Imagine stepping into the saddle or working with your horse at liberty... feeling safe & connected to your horse.

“Back In The Saddle Again”
5 Days To Confidence Bootcamp!

Find yourself going from uncertainty to feeling
full trust in yourself and your horse
no matter your discipline
(or if you even ride at all!)

Heck Yeah! I am in!

This FREE 5 part Bootcamp👢 starts April 7th, 2022


In this totally FREE Training,
you will learn…

Where are you today?

We kick off the Boot Camp with an easy connection exercise and an actionable checklist to assess where our horse is today & what do we need to do.

What is your horse telling you
(about yourself)?

Becoming aware of this changes, well, almost everything, skyrockets your connection & helps you be safer on the ground & in the saddle.

What if I can’t shake this fear?

Seeing as “Everything You Have Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side of Fear”, in this challenge we will give you a fool proof strategy to get started “bombproofing” you as a rider & in life

What if I can’t handle my horse?

In this challenge, we give you exercises that give you a strong place to start connecting that anyone can do, without showin’ em whose boss or being the bossy boss mare

What if I don’t know where to start?

We have worked for 4 sessions on ourselves. Now let’s make a step-by-step plan to get safely back in the saddle both in life & with our horses.


Daily Email Training & Tutorials

Everyday we’ll pop-up in your inbox to give you a little lesson and gentle nudge to do your challenge homework from the night before plus give you some cool tips and tricks we’ve learned.

Daily Facebook Live Training

In addition to daily email training – you’ll also be invited to join us every day at 7pm central on Facebook for a quick lesson!

Actionable Worksheets

We need a plan, not just a dream, this challenge is set up to help you take action.

Sounds good! Sign me up!

This FREE 5 part Workshop starts April 7th at 7 pm central

At the end of our time together you will be ready to jump “get back on the horse” and get start for a great season with your horse!

  • Reset Your Mind.
  • RE-Ignite Your Dreams & Goals.
  • Create a Safe, Willing, Trusted Partnership


Hi! I am Jenny Rohlen-Barker

It may sound a little strange, but I am kinda like an equestrian confidence fairy lol.

You might know me as the co-creator of The Horse Training Channel, or the creator of The Equestrian Planner, or You might have seen me out showing my ranch horse.

I have been given the profoundly important job to help you believe in yourself. To find that girl inside you who believes anything is possible in her life & with her horse.

That you. Your horse. Your dreams. They are all essential to the world & they matter. You matter.

For whatever reason, God, the Universe whatever you like to say, has put in your heart this love of horses, maybe it is to help you, your family or the horse. Sometimes it's a mix of them all.

Standing in your pasture or barn, or boarding barn down the road is the most powerful tool for girls like us to bring out our best selves. To live our best life.

You will do for that horse what you won't do for yourself. And you feel most alive when you are with them.

Listen to that voice. That draw to be you. It matters.

What others have to say about past challenges...

"I did two of the exercises from the masterclass and I am completely amazed at how quickly Gemma is taking to this. After an hour of exercise training, I walked her through part of my road that terrifies her.

I assured her with the relax cue and tapped her and she dropped her head, chewed, and walked peacefully right through all of the drama that occurs there. I am completely mind blown and elated at the same time! Mind you, this is a horse that normally blows up and I can't get her to come back. Just one week and I feel like I have a new horse. Thank you so much !! I cannot even describe how I'm feeling." H. Queen


Grab your spot in the "Back In The Saddle"
5 Days To Confidence Challenge!

This FREE 5 part Workshop starts April 7th, live class at 7 pm central